Hong Kong Design Institute Media Lab


The HKDI Media Lab is designed to be a hub to nurture and enhance the integration between innovative ideas, media technologies and collaborations between education, applied research, professional training and industry application.



The Media Lab has its own professional in-house design, ranging from graphical experimentation, 2D or 3D motion graphics, and products, manifesting the materiality in media.


Interactive Fish Aquarium for Multi-audiences Project 多人互動虛擬水族館設計

The Interactive Aquarium is an interactive edutainment project with the aim of promoting sustainable seafood in Hong Kong. The project uses the format of digital cinema to display over 40 fish species commonly found in Asia. Through interaction with the application, public can learn the importance of opting for sustainable seafood. In terms of technology, the Interactive Aquarium applied HDR setting with splendid colour gamut to render out high quality 4K motion images which engages multi-audiences simultaneously with a much enjoyable and immersive visual experience.


Interactive/ Conductive Wall Project互動導電牆設計

By incorporating the very classical conductive ink, the lab demonstrates to explore mapping of interactive display beyond using flat screens. The interactive interface actively engages audiences with varying gestural control for dynamic presentations of information as the Applied Research focus of the technical aspect.  The research is particularly significant to explore the possibilities of having interactive information panel on 3D products or surfaces in terms of various materials like cloth (fashion), glass or wood (interior), concrete (architecture), plastic (product) and paper (printing) applicable to the industries.


4D Virtual Reality (VR) Project四維虛擬實景設計

The project manifests a vigorous attempt to work with a multi-players platform accessing to an extraordinary 4D cordless experience of VR mixing with tactile real objects into part of the virtual environment.  The aim is to expand VR technology in a future cinema possibility that multi-audiences are able to be engaged walking around an immersive environment of film scenes.   Proactive participation of audiences significantly narrates and revises the definition of film-viewing.  The applied research experiences will gradually benefit HKDI research staff, students and also inspire the industry in terms of an alternative approach of a future cinema concept beyond the overwhelming VR game.


Mixed Reality (MR) Project混合實景設計

The lab has examined the latest MR Technology on Microsoft Hololens while we forecast the industry are keen to the new possibility of visual merchandising and architectural presentation by applying this mixed reality technology.  The use of Microsoft Hololens scans the environment of the audiences and constructs 3D models or info-graphics to create an interesting MR interface.  The interactive interface actively engages audiences with varying gestural control for dynamic presentations as the Applied Research focus of the technical aspect. 

研究所透過了解 Microsoft Hololens 所運用的混合實境技術,預測業界對這項技術在例如視覺營銷及建築構想展示上的可能性。透過 Hololens 掃描用家身處的環境,可以建構立體模型及信息圖形並用以建構一個有趣的混合實境介面。互動式介面可以吸引用家以不同動作控制展示的方式,同時以此的作為技術方面的應用研究重點。

Augmented Reality Music Performance Project擴充實景音樂會設計

“VTC 35th Anniversary Fundraising Concert – Making Dreams Come True” was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre by the VTC group, with Dreams and Hopes as the theme, and led by chorus art director Dr. Henry Shek with the VTC symphony orchestra in the performance and presented various inspiring music. The concert made use of the Augmented Reality (AR) technology to combine virtual and reality scenes and bring a new visual experience to the audience.

於香港會議展覽中心舉行的 VTC 35週年 「樂韻夢飛翔」籌款音樂會,以夢想和希望為主題,並在 VTC 交響樂團及合唱團藝術總監兼指揮石信之博士帶領下,呈現多首鼓舞人心的樂章。音樂會更首度引入擴大實境(AR)技術,將虛擬與現實場景結合互動,為觀眾帶來耳目一新的視覺體驗。